Displaying Pricing on your Landing Page

Learn how to re-use your pricing table to display

In this article, we’ll show you how to re-use your PriceWell pricing table to display pricing on your landing page. This allows you to update your pricing in a single place.

Pricing on the landing page

It’s common for SaaS products to display their pricing on the landing page. They do this so potential customers can decide upfront whether the app is right for them and whether there’s a pricing tier that fits their needs.

Zendesk landing page displaying their pricing table

It’s not common to ask for payment at this point. Instead SaaS products often ask the person to register an account and only ask for payment at a later date.

Re-use your Pricing Table

Using PriceWell’s Pricing Table feature you can configure your pricing in a single place and never worry about updating your pricing in multiple places (marketing site, app etc).

Using the code snippet

If you are using the code snippet, simply add data-button-link="YOUR_LINK_HERE" to your code snippet. And all buttons on your pricing page will link to your chosen page (i.e. your registration page).

Using the Bubble Plugin

If you are using the Bubble plugin, drag the Pricing Table component into your landing page, paste the Page Id as normal and add a Custom Button Link

PriceWell Bubble plugin editor with custom button link filled in