I already have a pricing page. How can I integrate Pricewell?

If you already have a pricing page on your website, here's how to connect PriceWell

If you already have a pricing page, you can still get lots of value from PriceWell. There are two steps you may want to take.

Add custom payment buttons to your existing pricing page

If you already have a pricing table and pricing page and you want to keep your design intact, that’s not a problem. Here’s how to link the buttons to PriceWell.

1. Configure your Pricing Page in PriceWell (This may seem counter-intuitive but follow along and you’ll see why it makes sense)

2. Choose Custom Button on the Snippet page

When you get to the Snippet screen, choose the “Custom Button” tab. You will be shown 

  • 1 snippet to copy to the HEAD tag of your HTML
  • 1 snippet for each pricing plan / frequency. You can use these to replace the buttons in your existing pricing table.

Integrate a Customer Portal

Now you can use the configured Pricing Page to set up a Customer Portal which lets your customer manage/update/cancel their subscription.