Configuring Add-ons

Add add-ons to Stripe Checkout

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to add add-ons to your subscription products using PriceWell.

What are Add-ons?

Add-ons are additional items that can be added to a subscription product. These can be used to add additional features, services or even additional subscriptions.


Example of add-ons in PriceWell


  • Can I add multiple add-ons to a single subscription?
    • Yes, you can add multiple add-ons to a single subscription.
  • Do add-ons work with free trials?
    • Yes, any subscription products that are added to a subscription will be included in the free trial. One time payments will be taken straight away.

Configuring Add-ons

Watch the following tutorial or follow the steps below to configure add-ons in PriceWell.

To configure add-ons in PriceWell, head to the “Configure” section when editing your Pricing Page.

  • Scroll to “Add-Ons” and select and “Add-on Product”
  • Optionally configure a description and a quantiy

Add-on Quantity

Add-ons can be configured to have a quantity, this lets you sell multiple of the same add-on with a single subscription (for example to allow adding additional users to an application).

Example (Add-on Quantity)

Add-on quantity in PriceWell