Bubble Sync Checkout Purchase History

Sync Stripe Checkout data to

You can sync Stripe Checkout data to using PriceWell. This is useful if you need a customer to pay for a certain product before enabling a feature in your app.

This page will walk you through how to sync your Stripe Checkout data to so you have a record of everything a customer has purchased right in your Bubble database.

We’ll go through:

  • Setting up the required data types
  • Enabling access via the API
  • Configuring the PriceWell Bubble integration

Create a new Data Type

Bubble create data type

Create a new data type called StripeCheckouts. Give it the following fields:

Name Type
email text
StripeCustomerId text
StripePriceIds List of texts (text + check “multiple entries”)
StripeSessionId text
⚠️ You must create all the fields or the integration won’t work

Enable the Data API

Go to Settings -> API

  1. Enable Data API
  2. Check StripeCheckouts (this gives us access to the user data fields that you allow in the next step)
  3. Use field display instead of ID for key names
⚠️ Be sure to check Use field display instead of ID for key names

Add data fields

In your Bubble App go to Data -> Data types -> User

Create the following new fields on the User data type:

Create an API Token

Now go to Settings -> API -> Generate new API token. Copy the API token

Go to, login and click Integrations -> Bubble Integration.

Paste the API token into the Bubble API Token field. Then enter you Bubble App URL and click Save. You bubble app name will look something like this and check “Integration Type:” Checkout

Bubble integration configuration screen in PriceWell

If the integration fails to save, double check your API token and app url.

✨ Stripe checkout data will appear in Bubble automatically ✨

⚠️ Changes in your Stripe Test Mode will go to /version-test in Bubble. Live Stripe subscriptions will go to you live Bubble app

How to enable a feature when a product is purchased

Now you have checkout data syncing to your Bubble database, you can use this data to enable features in your app. To do this:

  • Create a new workflow on the page that has the feature you want to restrict access to
  • Add a new event “Page is loaded”
  • Only when “Current User is logged in and " -> Search for Data
  • Search for StripeCheckouts where email = Current User’s email and StripePriceIds contains your Stripe products price id (example: “price_123”)

Bubble page workflow configuration

  • Only when “Current User is logged in and Search for StripeCheckoutss:first item is empty”
  • Add a new action “Navigate to page” and send the user to the checkout page

The full workflow should look like this: Bubble page workflow configuration

Alternatively you can keep the user on the same page and simply hide/show the element if they have purchased the product.