Adding Coupons at Checkout

Send Coupons directly to Stripe Checkout with PriceWell

You can send coupons directly to the Checkout using PriceWell. This means your customers don’t have to enter a coupon code.

Applying a Coupon

Your Pricing Page snippet will look something like the following

<div id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4"></div><script src="http://localhost:3200/a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4/pricewell.js" async=""></script>

You simply need to add an attribute data-coupon="COUPON_ID" to the div element and replace COUPON_Id with yourcoupon id from Stripe. Note: The coupon must be created in the same Stripe environment (test or live) as your Pricing Page.\

The updated snippet should look like this:

<div id="pricewell-a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4" data-coupon="COUPON_ID"></div><script src="http://localhost:3200/a506c336-a866-430b-99b3-347fba5b78f4/pricewell.js" async=""></script>

Allowing customers to enter coupons\

If you would like to let your customers enter their own coupons, this can be enabled in PriceWell under “Advanced Settings” -> “Enable coupons”

checkbox to allow coupons in stripe checkout

It’s not possible to apply a promotion code AND allow customers to add their own codes during checkout. If you supply a promotion code, customers will not be able to add their own even if you have the option active in PriceWell.