How to set up an AppSumo deal with PriceWell

A complete guide on how to launch an AppSumo deal using PriceWell's Bulk Coupon Generator

In this article we’ll cover:

  • How launch a deal on the AppSumo Marketplace
  • How to create Stripe Coupon Codes in bulk (quick link)
  • Uploading discount codes to AppSumo

What is Appsumo?

Appsumo is the leading daily deals website. Essentially is a space for people selling digital products and services to potential buyers with LifeTime Deals (LTDs).

How does AppSumo Work?

Appsumo operates in a pretty straightforward way. Every week they announce new products listed on their platform and they create deals for the potential buyers, while highlighting the desired features of each product.

From writing the copy to beta testing the product and preparing a review, they become true partners.

There is also a self-serve version of launching on AppSumo, where people list their product or service under the category they are interested in, while providing Coupon Codes along with LTDs to lure buyers into trying out the product.

How to create a Deal on AppSumo with PriceWell

Start Selling on Appsumo

  1. In the AppSumo website, select the “Start Selling”  Button. 

The first step to start selling on AppSumo website

  1. After creating or logging into your AppSumo Partner account, you need to list a new product. Click in the appropriate Option on the top right corner.

    The process of listing a new product on AppSumo

  2. Add Product Basics, by selecting the name of the product, adding the website (if exists), contact details and the category under which the product will be listed.  Page should look like this:

    How to add the basic description of the product listed on AppSumo website

    Hit next to finish the first step.

  3. Upload Images. Add a cover Image and product images so the potential buyers understand exactly what the product does.

    Once done, hit next to the product copy.

  4. Add the necessary copywriting to make it easy for the potential buyers to see the value of your product. AppSumo provides a comprehensive guide to CopyWriting with tips and tricks you can use.

    Find out here

    How to add the copy to the AppSumo product listing

  5. Add Pricing-Discounts and Key Features. You can select to showcase the deal (discounted) price as compared to the original one, you can select to make the product free for the buyer to use and you can choose between real life time access and annual access.

    Warning: Listings are subject to a 60-day refund.
    By listing a product, you agree to support buyers for the term selected.

    After this step the page should look like this:

    The process of adding price, discounts, duration and coupons to the AppSumo product listing

  6. Redemption. You can select between 2 ways to activate the offer. For software solutions and courses a discount (deal) code needs to be redeemed into the product’s website.

    Discount codes need to be uploaded in CSV format with certain instructions: 

    1. No duplicates
    2. Format your CSV file in plain text
    3. Codes must be between 3-200 characters long
    4. File should contain only one column and no header
    5. All codes should be in a single column

There has to be a place in the website to collect the codes and automatically create a subscription for the customer with the discount of the code applied.

Bulk Stripe Coupons

PriceWell features a tool to generate Stripe coupon codes in bulk.

Follow the full guide to generating coupons here

PriceWell menu showing

AppSumo coupons

PriceWell’s coupon generator creates the coupons needed for the AppSumo launch in bulk (min. 100 - max. 5,000 purchase-ready codes). Download the .csv file from PriceWell and upload it to the AppSumo form.


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